Voter Participation & Free Speech

At TalkPolitics, we’re committed to defending freedom of thought and freedom of expression. We believe that much of the  “safe space” culture which has arisen in universities and on social media is detrimental to democracy and progress. Instead, we believe that everyone should be equipped with the knowledge and the ability to discuss their views in a constructive manner, no matter where they come from on the political spectrum.

At TalkPolitics, we believe that Conservative voters shouldn’t be labeled “bigots,” and Labour voters shouldn’t be decried as “loonies”. We aim to protect free speech, and extend it, by ensuring that anybody can #JoinTheConversation with a good knowledge of the workings of politics, and of key debates.

Further, we intend to provide an arena to stimulate debate, and encourage many, particularly young people, to voice their opinions. That’s why our free speech corner, run entirely by young people, exists – we believe opinions should be respected and debated.

At TalkPolitics, we’re fighting to #DefendFreeSpeech. Are you with us?