Mass Shootings in the U.S, Put Simply

Find out more about the problems America faces with mass shootings.


Logan Act, Put Simply

Why is this relevant? In the past week, Donald Trump’s security advisor submitted a sudden resignation letter after less than a month in the job. The resignation of Michael Flynn came after allegations that he had conducted US diplomacy with Russia before he came into office. He reportedly had a phone call with Russian diplomats which … Continue reading Logan Act, Put Simply

Executive Orders, Put Simply

Executive orders, often controversial, but not uncommon. Since 1789, more than 13,000 executive orders have been issued in total, being utilised by every President from George Washington to Donald Trump....but what are executive orders, and how do they work? An executive order is “an order a rule or order issued by the president to an … Continue reading Executive Orders, Put Simply

Obamacare, Put Simply

Since the beginning of the recently concluded Presidential Race, Republican candidate, and now President, Donald Trump has been insistent on the fact that the Affordable Care Act, dubbed Obamacare, should be repealed and replaced. Following his inauguration on Friday, and his first Executive Order having the aim of ‘minimising the economic burden’ of the Act, … Continue reading Obamacare, Put Simply