Be A Voice: Climate Change – How Experts, Hamburgers, and Human Nature Will Kill Us Before Cars

"While repressive dictators, and human rights abuse, among others, were crucial factors sending instability raging through North Africa and the Levant, they were not the complete picture." So, what's the link between the political crises and climate change? Ben Abbs deconstructs the relationship between the two issues.

TalkPolitics Report: We Aren’t Ready for Remote E-Voting

  By Managing Director Matt Gillow     TalkPolitics believes wholeheartedly in modernising Westminster. In our increasingly digital, technological age – we believe that archaic practices are losing their place. Whilst tradition will always be important, it seems sentimental, and arguably naïve, to protect outdated systems and quirks when technology means we can be more … Continue reading TalkPolitics Report: We Aren’t Ready for Remote E-Voting