Modernise Westminster

Parliament should be a workshop, not a museum.

TalkPolitics believes that Westminster needs to be brought up to speed with the technological age it’s living through. Whilst tradition is nice, and in many cases the old adage ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ rings true – sentiment shouldn’t get in the way of what works when it comes to running a country.

In the chamber, we feel digital voting would bring Parliament up to speed with fellow legislatures around the world.

Also, whilst being in the debate chamber is vital, we feel MPs should have the option to vote digitally from their constituency if they must, provided they have access to a breakdown of the parliamentary debate and all facts and opinions. That way representatives won’t feel conflicted between representation and engagement with their constituents.

Let’s also look into digital options for voters, to use the technology of today to challenge apathy. Let’s consider social media training so we can challenge the ‘safe space,’ ‘echo chamber’ culture that plagues democracy and disillusions many.

Are you with us?