Luke Jeffery

Born in London, I am a political campaigner who has campaigned with movements ranging from Pro-EU groups to labour movements and have a specific aspiration to promote greater political education across the board. With a bachelor’s degree in European Studies from the University of Reading, I have acquired a profound interest in European affairs, culture, and regional politics. I hope to use my knowledge and experience gained here, to one day become involved in advocacy and public affairs groups to help promote progression within society.

Having learned all about the politics and culture of Europe, I have recently decided to tackle one of the continent’s many languages, Italian.  In addition to this, experiencing the culture of Europe first hand is a real passion for me and I hope to continue doing this just as I have had the good fortune to do in the past.  Outside of all of that I follow and support Harlequins Rugby club, even though at times this is against better judgement.