Interviewing Nick Davies

He's one of the nation's top investigative journalists, and famously uncovered Murdoch's phone hacking scandal. Read our interview with Nick Davies here.


People Behind the Policy: Ben Howlett MP

This is the first interview in our People Behind the Policy. We asked a few questions to Ben Howlett, MP for Bath. Tell us a bit about your political background - when did you initially get involved and what did you do before becoming an MP? “I first joined the Conservative party in 2004 and … Continue reading People Behind the Policy: Ben Howlett MP

The People Behind the Policy

At TalkPolitics, we’re committed to changing perceptions of politicians. We believe that MPs and political figures are often unfairly slandered in the press, and ostracised by much of society as elitist, uncaring and, frankly, stupid – when in reality they are incredibly hard-working, incredibly smart individuals dedicated to improving society in the way they think … Continue reading The People Behind the Policy