Mission Statement

“Just because you don’t take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

– Pericles

People are not voting.

In the recent, 2016 US Elections, voter turnout fell a dismal 58%. In the EU Referendum in June, some estimates had voter turnout amongst 18-24 year olds at only 36%. Not only is this evidence of a huge disenchantment with contemporary politics, but shows that much of modern society is not being represented.

TalkPolitics, a bi-partisan, cross-party think-tank-cum-campaign group, aims to challenge this.

Our over-riding aim is to tackle political apathy, and the root causes of it, particularly amongst young people. We believe that it is essential to Western ideals of representative democracy to:

  • Defend and extend free speech & get the vote out.
  • Drastically improve political awareness & education in the UK.
  • Tackle the bad image politics gets & make it accessible to all.

We can’t do it alone. Political apathy is an issue which has undeniable detriment, not just to democracy and not just to government, but to the individual. We need you to keep up to date and get involved with our campaigns and progress in order to make a real difference. Click here to see who’s joined us so far



Talk Politics Team