Campaign Lauch: #OptInToOptOut

Over the coming days, TalkPolitics will be launching our campaign for an Opt-Out Electoral Register. Also known as the Automatic Voter Registration bill, a similar idea hit the Commons floor some time ago, but was halted at the end of the parliamentary session.

Under our plans, before turning 18 (or otherwise becoming eligible to vote,) the individual would be automatically added to the electoral register. TalkPolitics understands that many individuals take issue with data collection, or worry about what government will do with their information – and whilst the bill would take measures to insure that data will not be misused – we realise there must be an option to opt-out.

The adoption of an Opt-Out Electoral Register would, we believe:

– Take down a pointless barrier to voting by saving voters hassle and stress towards the deadline. Having to register to partake in selecting a government is unnecesary, and, for many who lead busy lives, a waste of time.

– Save time and energy for local officials. Around election time, and for referendums, local officials spend massive amounts of time registering individuals, answering questions, and generally making sure the process runs smoothly. Freeing this time up gives councils the opportunity to spend more time on encouraging voters to turnout, working to combat voter fraud, and conducting local duties.

– Encourage voter turnout by making democracy more accessible. By improving turnout levels, we improve direct representation to Westminster, and incentivise government to act on behalf, and for, demographics who are usually overlooked.

Are you with us?

If you agree that an Opt-Out Electoral Register helps to improve our democracy by enfranchising thousands, please do keep up to date with our campaign. You can help us out by sharing our page, tweeting or emailing your MP (,) or by making a small donation on our page.

We’re working hard to improve democracy for all. #LetsTalkPolitics.


Matt Gillow

Founder & Managing Director

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