#GE2017 may be over but politics doesn’t stop

Say what you like about the 2017 election – it involved millions in politics.

More, of course, needs to be done. The ‘youth effect’ was present, but grossly over-exaggerated, and nearly a third of young people still are not turning out to vote. This is not to undermine those that did take it upon themselves to educate and argue – but to say to them: politics doesn’t stop.

In the fallout of an election, and in the (supposed) five years between them, we are presented with far greater opportunity to really get involved with legislation, debate, and protest (if that’s your cup of tea.) In our day and age, the 24-hour news cycle means that politicians are always in ‘campaign mode,’ but there is nothing like the party-political propaganda, or harsh personal attacks that stand out at election time. We are presented with an opportunity to scrutinise and challenge; to discuss what we really believe in, and establish what the actual running of a country takes – rather than voting on soundbites and political bribery.

So, this is a thank you to all those who got involved in politics this year – however you voted. Our democracy is all the better for plurality and debate. Please remember that politics doesn’t stop – and if you need a hand navigating the messy corridors of Westminster; TalkPolitics has your back.


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