Reflections on the 2017 Local Elections

The Conservatives made big gains at the expense of the Labour Party in the recent local elections held across the UK and this was a cause for celebration for many Conservative campaigners. What wasn’t a cause for celebration here at TalkPolitics, however, was the dismal turnout numbers in those elections.

The proportion of the eligible electorate that felt compelled to do their democratic duty rarely crept beyond 50%. In the election of Liverpool’s mayor, the figure was at a measly 25.9% whilst in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough mayoral election, the figure stood at an equally disappointing 33.6%.

Look, we get it. Local elections are far less glamorous than General Elections. However, what they lack in excitement and buzz, they make up for in their importance. It’s your council who decide on most day to day matters and it’s local politics where your voice has a better chance of being heard.

TalkPolitics is obviously frustrated that our democracy is so rife with low turnout and questionable legitimacy. But we’re also motivated – more so than ever. With a general election coming up soon, we’re working hard to encourage people to take the time to go to the polling station not only on June 8th, but also at subsequent elections.

Let us know if you’re voting at the next election – the ballot box is the best way to have a say!

One thought on “Reflections on the 2017 Local Elections

  1. I stood as a paper candidate for the Green Party, a strange experience seeing crosses against your name and the party’s and hearing your full name and known as name read out at the declaration.


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