Progress Update #2

Since we last updated you on our progress, we have been delighted with our progress.

We’ve smashed the 2,000 follower mark on Twitter, have been endorsed by more high-profile individuals such as Tim Farron MP, Alistair Campbell, and Louise Haigh MP, and we’re striking up partnerships left, right and centre. With our good friends at Filibuster UK, we’re starting an interview series called “The People Behind the Policy” focussing on improving stereotypes about politicians. With DemocracyMatters, we’re looking into talks, conferences, and policy; and with YouthDebates we’re developing a debate forum that encourages free speech and expression. More to come with groups such as ShoutOutUK and the WEA.

We’re also running our first competition! To get all the details, and get engaged whilst winning prizes, have a look here.

Last, but not least, we are hiring! If you, or anybody you know, wants some campaign experience – consider applying to work with us as a Staff Writer, Head of Graphics, Media aide, or general Campaign Agent. We’d love your help in taking TalkPolitics forwards!

To finish, we’d like to say thank you for all your support as TalkPolitics gets its bearings. Campaigns like ours are tremendously important to society, but without the support of the general public, they are useless. Please do stay engaged, and keep up to date with our easy-reading educational pieces. Don’t be afraid to start debating with your newfound knowledge!

Thanks, and #LetsKeepTalkingPolitics.

Matt & Carl

(P.S: Look out for our guest blog on the Huffington Post!)

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