Trident and Nuclear Weapons, Put Simply

What is Trident

  • Submarine carrying nuclear weapons
  • Mutually Assured Destruction: if nation-state launches a nuclear attack and destroys nation’s defence, silent submarine will still launch a retaliatory strike
  • Submarines can carry up to eight Trident missiles

Arguments in favour of UK renewal of Trident

  • Politically uncertain world: need all defence capabilities available
  • Aggression of North Korean and Russia: “they have one so we do too” logic
  • Employment: up to 15,000 jobs arguably linked to Trident

Argument against UK renewal of Trident

  • Opportunity cost: £40bn could be better spent
  • Inhumane/unethical to blackmail countries using threat of Nuclear attack
  • Debates over use in practice (e.g. Corbyn said he would never ‘press button’)

UN Summit: Nuclear Arms Resolution

Within the last few weeks, the UN Security council has voted to tighten restrictions on North Korea, following a recent (and to date their largest) nuclear weapons test. These sanctions will target the nation state’s hard currency revenues by imposing a coal export cap. Overall, the resolution consists of a broad range of proposed sanctions against North Korea following a nuclear test in September of this year.

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