Progress Update #1

In our first three weeks working to beat apathy, TalkPolitics has come on in leaps and bounds.

Within 10 days we hit 1,000 followers on Twitter. We’ve been endorsed by George Osborne, Nicky Morgan, Vince Cable, Kirsty Blackman, Thomas Brake, and others. We’ve established partnerships with platforms such as Filibuster UK, and are in talks with the Bow Group, YouthDebates, and other brilliant organisations. Our #PoliticsPutSimply series is helping make politics more accessible for many, and our interactions on social media tell us that we’re on the right tracks.

But there’s a very, very long way to go. We’re currently working on a scheme that we want to implement into schools to improve political education and make it easy-to-follow, enjoyable and interactive. We’re expanding our staff, looking in to funding, and planning a series of talks, presentations, and discussions with some big names – all over the UK.

We can’t do it on our own, however. As hard as our team work, we need help to spread the word, lobby parliament, and to raise money to give our essential campaigns wheels. As a non-profit, we rely entirely on donations from our generous supporters – if everyone reading this gave just £1, we’d be able to begin making the transformations we want to make.

So visit, share our pages, and get involved with the movement.


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